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  • Wendy B. Rosen ©2018

For Everyone...

Today, everyone in the world - and that means EVERY HUMAN BEING, EVERYWHERE - put down your harsh words, your accusations, your judgement, your tools of destruction, and take a step back. Now breathe. I mean really breathe. Take in a breath and savor the oxygen that enables you to take another breath. And another. And another.

Now shake the hand of your neighbor whether they seem like you or not. Really, they're not, because no one is like you. But really, they are. Look into their eyes. They are just like you.

Then go about your day delighting in your senses and all the joy you reap from them. Really see, hear, taste, touch and smell all there is to love in this world. Imagine if you lost your senses. (Guess what - in some ways, we have.) Our senses are what make us most human.

Later, when the sun sets on this magnificent day you've created for yourself (and others) and you surrender yourself to the night, promise yourself (and others) that you will get up and do it all over again tomorrow. And for all your tomorrows.

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