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People Day

October 29, 2018




People Day



I love school! At school, we paint pretty pictures and sing silly songs and play with big wooden blocks. We eat yummy snacks and play with our class bunny and celebrate birthdays. I love school!


Except today I was not so happy about school. I didn’t have much to say about it either when Mom picked me up.


“What’s the matter?” she asked, scooping me up onto her lap after we got home.


“We’re having a class party next week. Only I don’t celebrate the same holiday as everybody else,” I told her.


“Oh, I see. You know,” she said, “people celebrate many different kinds of holidays all over the whole entire world. We don’t all celebrate the same ones,” she explained.


“But I want to do what everyone else is doing!” I cried.


“Wow, you sure feel strongly about this,” Mom replied. Just then she got that thinking look on her face. She stood up and walked across the living room. That’s when she took out the puppets. 


Mom sat back down with Monkey and Elephant. I looked at the puppets. The puppets looked at me. Monkey was the first to speak. 


He told me all about the fun they have at their Banana Bonanza celebration each year. I giggled as I imagined all the monkeys swinging from, well, everywhere, while banana peels whizzed through the air. Then Elephant chimed in with highlights from their annual Peanut Parade festivities. Suddenly I felt hungry for a peanut butter sandwich. Back and forth they went, sharing stories and memories and fun. They shared some bits about other celebrations they learned of from their friends in the puppet basket. It sure sounded like fun. Suddenly I wished I were a puppet! But just then I had a great idea.


“Hey Mom,” I said. “There should be a People Day.”


Mom put down the puppets. “People Day?” she asked.


“Yes,” I replied. “People Day. Since that’s one way that we’re all the same, we should have a day to celebrate it - being people, that is.”


Mom got this big smile on her face just then. She gave me an enormous hug.

That night when Mom tucked me in she told me how special I was and how much she loved me, just like she always does. That always makes me smile, even when I’m half asleep. Then, I dreamed the most wonderful dream…



I see a girl like me.


She sees me too and says, “People-dee-do!”


I say “Zaboo-ee!” and we giggle.


I offer her some of my graham crackers.


She offers me some bread.


We both make yummy sounds.


Then, we all get together…


People from over here and over there.


We greet each other with a smile and a “hello” in our own way.


Some people shake hands,


Give kisses,


Share a hug.


Together we sing,


Together we dance.


We teach each other games,


And show off our fancy tricks,


Until the sun trades places with the moon and the stars.


Oh, the stars,


Too numerous to count,


Some near, some far,


Each shining in their own place in the sky.


And oh, the people, like the stars,


Too numerous to count,


Some near, some far,


Each shining in their own place on Earth.


We look up at the sky and see the luminous stars in all their brilliance.


And then, we look over all the Earth and see the magnificent people of the world in all their




And we smile.



The next morning I was up with the sun. I jumped out of bed to watch it wake up. I felt happy, and suddenly, I couldn’t wait to get to school.


When Mom dropped me off she kissed me and reminded me how lucky I am to be me. 


“I know,” I said. Then I ran to find my teacher. She was setting out some paint and glitter.


“Mrs. B, Mrs. B!  I don’t celebrate the same holiday as everyone else and people can celebrate all different kinds of holidays but sometimes we don’t all celebrate the same ones and THAT’S why I think we should all celebrate People Day!” I blurted, all in one breath.


“Wow!” said Mrs. B, stopping to marvel at my excitement. Then she asked, “What’s People Day?”


“Oh, People Day is a holiday I thought up. I figured that since being people is one way that we’re all the same, we should have a holiday to celebrate it.”


A warm smile spread across Mrs. B’s face. She put her arm around me and told me that she thought it was a wonderful idea! She asked me what I thought we should do on People Day. I suggested that we eat graham crackers and bread and do lots of singing and dancing and hugging.


So, guess what -- we did!


Later, when it was time to go home, Mrs. B asked me what I thought of our celebration. I told her it was fabulous and asked if we could do it again tomorrow, because I think that every day should be People Day.


Don’t you?

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