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We don't know what we're missing until groundbreaking knowledge comes along that changes everything.



"The symptoms of many vision problems can mimic disorders such as dyslexia and ADHD.... This well-presented, scholarly effort is rich in information, and parents and teachers of children with disabilities will find it useful."
— Booklist
"In The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning, Wendy Beth Rosen has made an important addition to the ongoing effort to get America’s children the vision care they need....We – as a country, as parents, and as educational and medical practitioners of all kinds – can fix this problem, just as soon as we acknowledge its existence."
— Vision Development & Rehabilitation
"Wendy Rosen’s book, The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning, is more than a book. It’s part of a relentless quest to educate and ultimately open eyes to an issue with far-reaching societal implications."
— The Vision Therapy Center
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