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Far beyond 20/20, our extraordinary sense of vision involves more than two dozen lesser-known skills that help us navigate our way through life. They are critical to a child’s overall development, and especially academic achievement. When one or more of these skills are not functioning optimally, our capabilities are compromised in ways we are often not aware of. When this occurs in a child, they may have an unrecognized vision problem that can greatly affect their ability to learn and succeed in school.

Astoundingly, vision-related learning problems affect 1 in 4 school-age children, yet knowledge about these types of vision problems is scant. Consequently, many children are not receiving the correct diagnosis and the help they need in order to succeed in school.

Many symptoms of vision-related learning problems can mimic other conditions, such as AD/HD and dyslexia. There are, consequently, countless numbers of children who are classified as special education students or are medicated, or both, who may be wrongly diagnosed. Few people are aware that a breakdown in the visual system can also be at the core of a learning disability. Because of this, the potential for misdiagnosis is enormous.

Vision-related learning problems can affect how efficiently a child uses his or her eyes to take in visual stimuli and process this information. Deficits in any one or combination of these areas can make it difficult for a child to keep up with learning and can decrease the stamina needed to complete assignments and classroom tasks. Stress on a child’s sensory system can bring about a multitude of symptoms.


At the present time, visual skills are not routinely and comprehensively examined to determine if a deficit is present and interfering with a child’s capacity for learning. These skills are not evaluated in the typical vision screening that utilizes only the Snellen eye chart, and often go unchecked. This method only identifies a mere 5% of vision problems in children. As a result, we are missing critical information about a child’s readiness for school.

The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning: Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed puts these little-known yet correctable vision problems in the spotlight, making this life-changing knowledge available to everyone. A groundbreaking book, it will offer hope and help to countless parents, teachers, pediatricians, therapists and child study teams seeking answers to the root cause of a child’s struggles.

Available for purchase through Rowman & LittlefieldBarnes & Noble and Amazon.

Kids today are at risk for becoming disconnected from their own learning and even from themselves in the high-pressure academic culture they're steeped in. Geared for high school students but useful for college undergraduates as well, this book will give budding young adults the opportunity to catch their breath and focus on their character, reflect on what is meaningful to them, learn how to create balance in themselves and in their lives, and work towards short-term and long-term goals that grow out of their own unique sets of strengths and interests. The essential intra-personal knowledge that this practical book elicits will help students become life-long learners and grow into responsible, caring, and productive individuals.

Available for purchase through Rowman & Littlefield, Barnes & Noble  and Amazon.


We ignore to our peril how the developmental foundation we provide for our youngest citizens determines the health of our communities on every level. The welfare of our society is a direct reflection of the investment we make in our children. We can look around today and see clear evidence that our lack of investment is everywhere.

The rapidly unraveling tapestry of civilization begs us to rethink what it means to be human, and how to live alongside each other in our shared humanity and in our shared space on this fragile, magnificent planet. This watershed moment in our human story requires us to respond to these inhumane, unsustainable conditions with unprecedented commitment and action. 

At the heart of this book are questions and talking points that will spur us to reimagine schools as safe, healthy, sustainable, vibrant places. We need a renaissance, and it will take all of us. Pick up a copy and let's get the conversation started...

Available for purchase through Rowman & LittlefieldBarnes & Noble and Amazon.

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