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The Turning Point

Vision-related learning problems are a lesser-known type of disability that can affect a child's learning capacity, behavior, and health. These hidden visual deficits affect 1 in 4 children, yet are not recognized as a disability in need of attention because a staggering portion of our population does not know that they exist. 

As a teacher, Wendy had never heard of vision-related learning problems. She stumbled onto this critical knowledge as a parent, and watched in awe as it changed her children's lives. Then, it changed her own - and the course of her career.


Given that these problems are so common, why don’t more people know about them? This is a good question. Wendy asked it often, and of many, and in doing so blazed a new professional path. She acquired pivotal knowledge about a subject which impacts many, yet is understood by few.


Vision disorders are the most prevalent handicapping condition affecting children in the United States, and are often misdiagnosed as AD/HD or dyslexia. Consequently, many kids are mistakenly classified as special education students or medicated, or both. And sadly, when the root of the problem goes unrecognized and untreated, lives can unravel: vision-related learning problems are present in 3/4 of the juvenile delinquent population and roughly the same percentage of prisoners.

The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning: Why Millions of Learning-Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed is the capstone to over a decade of research, outreach, and advocacy on behalf of struggling children, who desperately need us to be fully equipped with this knowledge so that we can bring them the help they need in order to thrive and live fulfilling lives. This groundbreaking book sheds light on why so many kids are still struggling in school despite remedial help, IEP's, and medication. The knowledge between its covers holds an essential key to addressing many of the problems we've been trying to solve for decades - the achievement gap, literacy, and high school graduation rates, to name a few.

We've been educating children since compulsory education evolved without understanding how this dominant sense called vision really works. The field of education is missing a significant pool of knowledge about a crucial facet of child development. Wendy has turned a spotlight on what we've been missing, and this knowledge will change individual lives, whole communities, and education itself. 


With so many children struggling with learning and behavior issues, and so many schools struggling to meet these needs and so often falling short, this book will speak to, literally, millions. It is written in clear language for everyone and, as you will soon discover, its content and its message touch all of us.  

Make it the topic of a PTA meeting.

Assign it as a read for book clubs.

Make it required reading for Boards of Education.

Share this knowledge with as many people as you can.

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