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Introducing...The Pocket Blog

The subject of my first blog entry is blogging. A blog is a wonderful form of communication. The context it lives in, though, can be problematic. I believe too much of life is lived on the web. Our bodies have become tethered to devices, some of which have taken up residence as appendages to our limbs.

We get sucked into the endless barrage of information ("cyber-smog") and become easily tuned out from our selves, neglecting to even feel hunger pangs in our stomachs and the burn in our eyes from over-focusing and under-blinking. We program our screens with images to mimic beautiful nature scenes, the passage of time, and the changing light of day, but are sadly disconnected from the actual and miraculous life-sustaining, soul-rejuvenating gifts of nature, the real passage of time, and the sun setting - or rising - just outside our window.

Sedentary habits, dry eye, and cyber-smog are my incentive for creating this new version of the blog. My entries will embody a simple truth that I live by: less is more.

And so please welcome the "Pocket Blog".

As a teacher and a student of life there's a lot I want to share with you - remarkable stories, life experience, life's experiences, lessons learned, some unbelievably funny, touching and absolutely true animal anecdotes...the miscellany goes on. And I want to do so in a way that won't cause our muscles to atrophy, our eyes to miss out on their involuntary opportunity to blink for wont of a break from too much visual overload, and our whole selves to be further pulled away from life-promoting sunlight. (Unless you read this outside, on your phone, which is not good for your eyes in other ways. Just sayin'.)

So as the writer I aim to share the essence of bits and bites in small bytes that you the reader can pocket in some uncluttered real estate in your mind and heart. Looking forward to the journey...

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