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Rachel Carson is Very Much in My Thoughts

Every spring I revel in waking up with the birds as they usher in the season of renewal ~ Spring.

I wake up with them ~ not only to a new day, but to my own hope for renewal, my own Spring.

And then as the air warms and I open the windows of my home and spend more time outside, I notice the competition between birdsong and traffic.

I thank the birds for drowning out the traffic, and curse the traffic when it drowns out the birds. It's tough to call which is louder.

This morning, this year, I am noticing the beautiful chorus that I wake up to, is quieter. Some of my feathered friends are absent.

The air is less full of sweet song, and my heart is less full of the hope this always stirs. I hear the traffic more.

Please, world, let us not disappear.


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