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  • Wendy B. Rosen ©2020

Hope for Tomorrow

The night before last I dreamed that I ventured out to places I am not supposed to be, then froze in my tracks when I realized where I was.

Last night I dreamed I opened my door and let people through it. I awoke so agitated and afraid, then realized it was only a dream and felt relieved. Then I remembered our current reality, and I felt agitated and afraid again.

This morning I awoke to birdsong and wished for a moment to be a bird ~ awakening to Spring without fear.

This afternoon I looked out my kitchen window while sanitizing a can of tuna and I grew jealous of the clouds floating free of worry.

This evening I write these words and cling to hope, that tomorrow we will awaken to answers, solutions and the promise of healing and renewal for everyone, everywhere.

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