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The Epigenetics of a Nation: A Lesson for Healing

Let's face it - our country is in the ER, and we are in critical condition. A DNA test of our history shows the following traits that landed us here: greed, arrogance, discrimination, absence of empathy, xenophobia, bullying, dishonesty, over-competitiveness, injustice, destructiveness, abuse and neglect.

Our genetic make-up pre-dates our birth as a nation and we've been struggling with the unhealthy effects ever since. Our immune system is worn down. We can't fight off the symptoms that have been smoldering and flaring and remitting in a vicious cycle for hundreds of years. The Earth is suffering from chronic inflammation just as we are in our bodies and in our souls from all the toxicity. We and the planet reflect each other in our mutual weakened states, and this time I fear we could succumb. I don't even want to think about what that would mean - the death of an entire nation, or the critically ill, pained and suffering body of one that used to be?

Let's be a good patient and look at our behaviors, choices and mistakes - both inborn and acquired - and commit to making the changes necessary to renew the life and health of this country and all life in it. We don't have to be at the mercy of our DNA if we choose not to be. Just as research shows that our potential for health is not bound by our genetic markers, so must we embrace this outlook when it comes to our health as a nation.

We can survive going through the birthing process again – a most essential, very necessary rebirth. But can we survive if we do not?

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