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Giving Tuesday

I was surprised the supermarket was not more crowded for mid-morning the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, I was in my usual state of hurriedness and was glad to have checked off everything on my list as I headed to the cashier. Just as I was about to capitalize on the shortest line, a woman in a motorized shopping cart jutted out at the end of an aisle just as I was passing. I stopped short to let her go, then realized she was onto the same prized find – the short line I was heading towards.

I mustered patience and fell in behind her. No matter, I thought. Rushed or not, I was grateful I did not need one of those carts. We waited – me looking around at the general scene, and she holding a bouquet of flowers. I heard the woman in front of her, who was paying for her groceries, say to her, “The flowers were 3 for $__ and I only need 2, so I paid for yours. Enjoy!”

After thanking her, “God Bless You’s” were exchanged, and you could feel the warmth spreading out of aisle 2. I told her seeing that made my day. She said it made hers too, and she was all teary-eyed. I told her I was too.

After she and her husband paid, she turned to me to wish me a happy holiday. I wished her the same, more “God Bless You’s” were exchanged, and we parted ways – our spirits a little happier, our faith in humanity a little more uplifted.

I was so glad our carts coincided (and almost collided) in that place and time that allowed me to witness this beautiful moment of giving.

But it shouldn’t stop there. We can make everyday a giving day.

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