November 30, 2016

If you've ever fractured a bone in your body, you know how this disrupts your functioning and how necessary it is for you - and others -  to make accommodations so you can heal. Imagine for a moment an uncomfortable scenario where these accommodations were not put into...

November 24, 2016

I've learned many life lessons from animals. I care for a retired camp nature program critter, an adorable lop-eared rabbit who, I'm convinced, has some horse genes in her. It's the only thing that could explain how she polishes off the amount of food she eats.

When I g...

November 21, 2016

The subject of my first blog entry is blogging. A blog is a wonderful form of communication. The context it lives in, though, can be problematic. I believe too much of life is lived on the web. Our bodies have become tethered to devices, some of which have taken up res...

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